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Another fun day printing and doing rubbings downtown

We had a good time yesterday doing rubbings and printing downtown and now feel ready to move on to another neighborhood for our next printing session. Visual Arts Week wasn't the usual this year but it was fun that as we were printing yesterday we could also visit the work of three of our members who arein shows downtown right now.

If you have a chance, go see these exhibitions, it is so, so nice to be able to see art in person! Here is the rundown of where to see work by our members:

  • Mika Aono Boyd is in a show called Common Ground at ECA.

  • Libby Wadsworth has work in the Eugene Biennial at Karin Clarke Gallery

  • Sarah Grew has work in the Mayor's Art Show that is hanging in the window of the old Scan Design building.

Just a quick note --- There is still time to buy a raffle ticket for our first t-shirt drawing, just head over to our store page!

*** And who knew! Look how our member Sean O'Reilly comes to join us when we print! Way to go Sean, on a Royal Enfield!

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