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We are teachers, students, professionals, and retirees with two things in common — a love of printmaking and a desire to make it more accessible to everyone.


We took part in more pop-up events than ever in 2017. We're getting quite proficient at moving, setting up, and sharing our tabletop presses. We offer a variety of woodblocks and plates available to be printed on the spot, usually for a small fee that helps ensure our ability to keep spreading the gospel of printmaking. We often even have some old-school lead type set and ready to be printed in the traditional way on a vintage letterpress. We encourage the public to participate in the printing process as much as possible, while we answer questions and share interesting bits of history relating to letterpress printing and fine art printing.

If you'd like us to bring our presses to your event, your school, your brewery or other venue, you can reach us through our contact page or send an email to Press on!

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