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Snippets of Eugene in the Register Guard!

Posted Aug 6, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Art will abound this weekend and in the following weeks in and around Eugene-Springfield. Cultural organizations of all stripes invite people to get out and about while remaining vigilant, soaking in fun while staying socially distant. Here are some highlights via CAFE 541.

Snippets of Eugene Eugene Printmakers, a nonprofit arts organization committed to providing printmaking, letterpress and book art learning and working, will host “Snippets of Eugene” beginning this weekend. Sporting blue collar coveralls and printing supplies, Printmakers will create paper and textile prints rubbed from city streets and printed with non-toxic dye. People at live popups can observe, participate and even suggest designs for Printmakers. Attendees can take home hand-printed etchings of manhole covers, grate patterns and textures from sidewalks and walls while virtual visitors can check out and purchase work online. Printmakers is planning two Eugene Visual Arts Week sessions downtown with its first public printing session scheduled at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Lane County Farmers Market at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Oak Street, as well as down Broadway. After this event, Printmakers will post print sessions throughout neighborhoods at least once a month through Dec. 31; Shirts $30 ($35 online) and bandanas $10 ($12 online)

at One-third of the proceeds will supply the project, one-third will fund ArtCity Studio for hosting and organizing and one-third will benefit various local, social charities.

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