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Snippets of Eugene A Contemporary Art Installation/Performance by Eugene Printmakers

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

BRIDGE Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, Covid-19 Pivot: 

Reflections Space Eugene Exhibitions 

What:  Printing/taking rubbings off of manhole covers and grates and other patterns and textures located on Eugene’s city streets, sidewalks and walls. Our prints will be on paper and fabric.

Who: Eugene Printmakers! We will be dressed in workers' coveralls and carry our printing supplies in buckets. (We will conform to all of the health and safety guidelines related to Covid-19.) We'll invite the public to printing locations that we announce on social media. Everyone is invited to watch our demonstrations as well as participate in printing and take home a print. We will also involve the public by asking for suggestions of interesting patterns in our dear city. We will identify various patterns to print ahead of time and will post a calendar of event dates and locations.

“Snippets of Eugene” will become mementos of places in our beloved city that the residents of Eugene will be able to take home with them. They will also be invited to experience printing patterns of their own choosing. Our concept is to call attention to the textures and patterns that we live with and often overlook in our everyday lives, and call attention to them as beautiful and compelling prints. The Eugene public will be able to go home with patterns from their favorite places, places that contain memories of events that punctuate their lives. 

When and Where: We will print multiple times between July 1 and December 31.

We are planning to do two sessions during Visual Arts week in downtown (most likely on Broadway and Saturday Market. We'll be mindful not to block the traffic and be safe.) After that, we'll print in different neighborhood all over Eugene at least once a month. We'll announce our session on our social media and plan to live-feed our printing via Instagram, so anyone can watch us print from anywhere. We'll ask the public to point us to interesting manhole covers, street textures, grates or vent covers in their neighborhoods.

It's confirmed that we will display the prints on paper in the LCC Downtown campus! Throughout the course of the project, we will add to our installation in the storefront window to engage the public and for the public to follow the progress of “Snippets of Eugene.” The installation of prints will have a cumulative effect, as memories of beloved places accumulate in our memories as time goes on. 

We will create an online/virtual exhibition that we will post on social media and on our Eugene Printmakers website.

The public will have a chance to purchase “Snippets of Eugene” in the form of printed =T-shirts and bandanas, at each printing performance. The proceeds will be split among Eugene Printmakers, The ArtCity (who has been generously hosting our studio space) and one more local charity.

We will also raffle off some printed merchandise from each printing event via an Instagram live-feed of the drawing! The purpose of sales and raffles will be to generate interest and excitement for the project and bring more participants to each event.

How: We use non-toxic, dye-based fabric ink to print street patterns on paper, t-shirts, aprons, patches. (We'll make sure to clean up after ourselves, of course. We are good at that.)

$700 and the proceeds from sale will be used for the materials: (ink, rollers, paper, t-shirts, aprons, our worker’s uniforms, cleaning supplies etc.) for this project.

Why: It's a chance to pay close attention to where we call home. We'll use multiple media outlets to reach out to community members. This is a super FUN, interactive project within our community that will delight the public and lift spirits. It's guaranteed to satisfy a craving for creative, engaging and social activities during this crazy quarantine.

Eugene Printmakers are; Susan Lowermilk, Sean O’Reilly, Minette Roberts, Bronwyn Buffalino, Mika Aono, Jill Overley, Hollye Holbrook, Sue Schaeffer, Jennifer Andrews, Sarah Grew, Libby Wadsworth, Chelsea Santos

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